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Emory Dining GREEN TEAM

The Emory Dining Green Team is a new student group that
focuses on improving environmental policies and practices
as they relate to campus dining services. The Green Team
is always looking for new students to participate in a variety
of activities, meetings and brainstorming sessions for how to
educate the Emory community on the environmental practices
of Emory Dining. Members will assist with implementing
sustainable changes in the dining program by serving
as the liaison between the students , Emory community and
Emory Dining. At Wonderful Wednesday, the Emory Farmers
Market and Sustainable Food Fair, the team networks
with farmers, chefs and agencies to learn more about environmental
practices with regards to food and how we can
make strides towards diverting 65% of overall waste and
95% of food waste from landfills by 2015. The Green Team
has been discussing ways to improve Emory’s composting
program at the DUC, and is hoping it will spread to the other
campus dining locations, so that our decomposed organic
waste can be recycled and returned back to the environment
as rich soil. Director of Sustainability, Ciannat Howett, states
“Emory’s commitment to composting supports the University’s
goal of making our campus more sustainable. Compost
offers a sustainable ‘closed loop:’ from table, to compost, to
garden or farm, back to table.” So if you are interested in
making the food served on Emory’s campus healthy, environmentally
friendly and taste better too, contact Julie Shaffer
about becoming part of the Green Team!
– Lana Greenbaum


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