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Expansion (Fall 2009 Article)

“They haven’t needed me in a long while–years upon years
of idle insignificance–but I will not fail them. I am the great
civilizer after all,” he said, and continued swimming down.
Crushing depths were nothing to the crustaceans and little
bottle brush worms feeding on the bones of a whale the size
of a ten story building.
“Cold and dark. Always so cold and dark. But if there’s no
room up there anymore, things will work themselves out.
They always do. They always have to.” He shivered and
continued swimming down.
“Even though this detestable creature is supposedly as old
as time, I am still more powerful. I am the great colonizer,
after all.”
He saw what he was looking for. The serpent noticed the
approach, but looked on fleetingly with boredom and indifference,
returning its head to rest on the muck of the sea floor.
The serpent was unbelievable. Enormous. Like small planet
unto itself.
The serpent shied away when he thrust the knife into its
side, again and again, flaking away fragments of scales
the size of car doors. The serpent made no attempt at its
attacker, but only watched him and hissed, low and nearly
imperceptible at such depths. It whipped around and bared
its teeth when soft flesh was finally exposed. Its teeth were
each larger than him, but he was not afraid.
The water began turning a dark green and the serpent went
rigid. He considered attempting to cut off the colossal serpent’s
head, but the work in killing had already been tremendous.
He kicked sand into its face and smiled, seeing
no movement, only a slow and steady seeping of green lifewater.
Poseidon swam to the surface, feeling a little shaken, but
accomplished, a trail of green blood following behind him.
“That was harder than expected, but I did not fail them. But
could anyone expect any less of me? I am the great humanizer,
after all.”
Will it be like this from now on? Inconsequential. There is not
much time in any case.
The Kraken curled tightly into itself to
sleep away its minor wounds, tired of contemplating the end,
hers or that of the world around her. This too shall pass.
-Jack Etheredge


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