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How Do Emory Students Make a Difference? (Fall 2009 Article)

“I bring reusable bags to the store, turn off
lights before I leave the apartment, recycle(!),
work on the Cox Garden, use florescent
bulbs whenever I can, and use the Emory
bikes to go to the store.” (David Tran)
“This past summer I lived in a village in
India for two months doing an internship
through Emory’s UPGRADE Program. The
village is located near Jodhpur, which is in
the desert area. The village had electricity
but it would face shortages often. It was
especially difficult during the afternoon
hours when I was teaching and the girls
had to learn without a working fan in
the school classroom. I installed a solar
panel before I left (through grant money
that I asked for). It has been working
since I left and now they have had electricity
during the school hours, which is
awesome!” (Surabhi Agrawal)
“I recycle and if I can I’ll walk places rather
than drive.” (Christianna Beachley)
“Being the conniving environmentalists
that we are in my apartment, my roommates
and I have managed to break open
the water heater closet next to the kitchen,
which we have filled to the brim with recycling.
Unfortunately, most students tend
not to recycle at Emory due to the inconvenience,
but I am proud to say that my
roommates and I have collected mounds
of bottles, cans and other renewable treasures.”
(Tammie Smith)
“I try to carpool or walk as often as possible.
When I go grocery shopping, I bring
my own reusable bag or op for no bags. In
those instances where I do forget my bags,
I reuse the plastic grocery bag as trashcan
liner or bring them back to the grocery store
to recycle. I am big on turning the lights off in
unused rooms or sometimes not turning the
lights on at all if I can see well enough without
them. I always unplug all cords that I am
not using. I am cutting back on buying bottle
drinks and use my Nalgene almost exclusively. I never let
the water run while brushing my teeth, and I have cut back
my shower time substantially. I recycle glass, aluminum, paper,
plastic, and batteries. I also don’t eat meat. The most
helpful thing in reminding me how to be more sustainable is
remembering the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, in
that order.” (Thanh Huynh)
“I stopped buying water bottles and just
use my Nalgene, take shorter showers,
and unplug chargers and unnecessary
lights. Oh, and window light!! I love being
in the sun when I can, rather than cooped
up in my room by a desk light.” (Maura
“I take the stairs whenever possible, I turn
off the water/light when it’s not needed, and
do other common-sense but simple things
that are often neglected. I also try to not
over-heat or cool rooms, and try to limit my
consumption of meat to reduce my carbon
footprint. I also drive a Prius!”
(Simon Mettler)
-Ally Wright


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