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How to Compost: “Construct a Worm Bin” (Fall 2009 Article)

How to Compost:
1. Drill multiple, evenly-spaced half-inch holes in tub and
lid of an average plastic bin (~20 gallons). These holes
provide aeration for the worms.
2. Prepare bedding, a carbon source for the worms, by
combining any of the following ingredients: dead/dry
leaves, manure, newspaper strips, woodchips. straw, paper
shreds, weeds, grass clippings. Moisten the bedding
to provide damp environment conducive for worms.
3. Add red wriggler worms that can be purchased online or
at a local bait shop. The number of worms will depend
on anticipated amount of waste. Worms will crawl to bottom.
dark region of bin and bed ding.
4. Add kitchen scraps at least once a week. These are safe
items to feed the worms: fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee
grounds and filters, egg shells, paper napkins, dead
plants, and tea bags. Do not add meat, fish, dairy, or too
much citrus.
5. Remove worm castings (good soil fertilizer) and use
them in your garden every few months.
-Chloe Ekelem


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