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Just Another Breath (Fall 2009 Article)

Here, in this land, heroes, empires and dynasties are just breaths.
They inspire and then expire. But there is one line of power that seems to have remained unbroken.
These rulers who are notorious for literally displaying the heat of oppression in the summer are adored by their people because
through the rain they are responsible for the rich, ripe red soil.
See the earth is red because it is drenched in the blood carried by capillaries extending from the Indian Ocean.
These capillaries are channels carrying water, the blood of this land. And the line of power is respected because through the
rain the power line causes currents to charge through these channels.
Energizing ecosystems.
Powering crops to sprout.
And after the dry oppressive summer months, that green carpet on red soil might as well be green marijuana resting on red
coals because its presence is so mentally uplifting.
But recently the soil is not as red as it used to be.
The capillaries are thinning and the people are starving and thirsty.
All because the monsoon rains haven’t arrived. See the smog from pollution has created a contraceptive in the sky, preventing
the liquid that brings life from coming.
It seemed so unnatural.
Until I sat in that bus.
Through its window I witnessed the cityscape of Hyderabad India develop in to a message from God.
There is a oneness in all this.
Something natural about the unique scent of the monsoon playing with the aroma of gasoline as a river of automobiles chaotically
dodge a dog in a market place populated by countless survivors of a beautiful struggle called life.
The pollution comes from survivors like those that collect trash from upper and middle class homes so they can dig through
it to find food.
Then they burn the rest of the garbage to cook that food so they can survive another day. So how can we claim what they
are doing is unnatural?
Survival is natural.
After all it is only because of this instinct for survival and reproduction that humanity has created these tools responsible for
pollution. Its human nature.
So maybe this was the natural way for nature to end or rather the death of nature as we have gotten used to it.
Everything that has a beginning has an end.
Every breath in is followed by a breath out.
Fate is inevitable. But accepting it is another matter entirely. Especially when fate claims a loved one. Then even moments
matter. Why is fate so greedy?
My mother, with her little brother dying infront of her, pleaded with God promising she would climb the thousands of steps to
the temple in Thirumala, if her brother could just take another breath.
And Lord, if she knew how many tears she would shed for him she would do so much more.
She tells me that sometimes I remind her of him.
If I could only explain how much pride and pain that makes me feel.
As if I am that small distance between her and her brother keeping him close but also keeping him just out of reach.
And even though I am a constant reminder of how fate can separate to people who love each other,
my mother still loves me with all her heart.
I have learned from her that loving is like breathing, it indicates that a human being is still
alive. And though fate gets to control how we die, we can choose to control how we
live by loving in the face of fate.
Therefore lovers are the greatest fighters because they fight until the end for another
breath before the end.
So if you love someone in this world you would do anything to make sure they could
take another breath.
But what can they breath when there is no more clean air left?
– Anirudh Dhullipalla


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