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Emory’s Change for Change: Change the World, While You Change Yourself


Change for Change Box- Courtesy of Jerry Kent


  The next time you enjoy Woodruff Library’s Jazzman’s Cafe, the DUC’s Einstein Bros. Bagles and upstairs dining hall, Cox Hall, and the Clairmont Grill, look for the clear Change for Change boxes and join your campus community’s efforts to help change our world with your spare change. All donations go to UNICEF after being secured and counted by Emory’s leading accountants and administrators . Emory’s Change for Change allows those of us who are fortunate enough to attend  Emory to help provide security for children, access to basic education, and gender equality for countless people around our world.

      Let’s take a look at ourselves. Our comfortable livestyles are unfathomable to many people who are not so different from us. A dollar a day for manual labor makes the worst final exams seem like child play. A mother living in a less developed country with children who are hungry or ill, feels the same anxiety that your mother feels when you are sick. People in pain feel the same, regardless of social class. Since we spend more money on a snack than many people can earn working for one day in much of the world, we should spare a little for those who have nothing.

      President Obama has challenged the youth of America and the free world to create “change,” and now is your chance to meet his challenge. Give a little gift to the hungry, homeless and hopeless children of the world, and receive something money cannot buy.

       Emory’s Change for Change offers an easy way to reach outside the Emory bubble and help those who cannot help themselves while conveniently remaining on campus. The creation of Emory’s Change for Change has been supported and nurtured by President Wagner, The President’s Advisory Council, Deans Lewis and Ford, Provost Ono and many other members of the Emory community.

      The cost of a basic but life-changing elementary school education is spare change compared to our college tuition fees. If all 12,930 students and 12,265 faculty and staff donate just a dime a day for children’s emergency care and basic needs, 25,195 members of the Emory community would raise $2,520 daily, $17,640 a week, $70,560 a month or $282,240 a semester. The cost of one Emory student’s college tuition would pay for over five hundred African elementary schools.

     Next time you pass by the entrance to Woodruff Library, the DUC information booth and dining hall, and the Clairmont Grill, look for the Emory’s Change for Change boxes. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Reach into your pocket and help our campus community change the world with Emory’s Change for Change. For more information or to learn how you can help please feel free to email Jerry Kent at jkent2@emory.edu.

-Jerry Kent ’11


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