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How Do Emory Students Make a Difference?

Sanjana Malviya (Sophomore)-Sanjana Malviya is on the board of the Waller Scholars, a new club on campus started by her freshman seminar class, “How We Learn,” in 2008. The Waller Scholars is a peer-mentoring program between Emory students and children at the Drew Charter School. The Emory mentors keep in touch with their students via email and organized visits. Malviya and other board members drive to the school to spend time with their mentees on a monthly basis. “For Emory students the program is a way to increase awareness about kids from other walks of life and instill in them a value for higher education, and basically show them how cool college is,” says Malviya.

Gouthami Rao (Sophomore) -“Emory Global Brigades gives Emory students a perspective on developing countries and engages students to do service-oriented work, but also understand the interdisciplinary effects of development work. Currently we have a Medical, Business, and Water Brigades that all fall under the Global Brigades umbrella. In each of the brigades, we have these groups of passionate students who want to help developing countries, like Honduras and Panama, by making a hands-on difference. We take a lot of things for granted in the U.S., but this week-long summer opportunity provides more perspective on developing countries than we could ever expect.”

Scott Campbell (Freshman)- “I enjoy volunteering with the Atlanta Food Bank because it is very rewarding and it helps Emory foster a positive relationship in the Atlanta community!”

Malcolm Tariq (Sophomore)-“I always turn the lights off when leaving the room!”

Calleson Edwards (Freshman)-“For Emory Fashion Forward we did a clothing drive and collected clothing for a homeless shelter.”

Alexander Robin (Senior)-“I try to bring joy into everybody’s life by being positive and happy, and hoping that it rubs off on those around me!”

-Rachel Borrelli ’12

Photos: Courtesy of Rachel Borrelli


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