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Don’t Save Me – Poem by Melia Haile

My children are dying.

They hunger, cry, and beg.

They prostitute their children

so if only for one night, they can be fed.

But I do not need saving.

My land is being raped by the colonizers and the neo-colonizers–

plundered for fancy rocks and shiny metals.

My gorillas and vast forests have disappeared overnight

so that you may grow your armies and fight.

But I do not need saving.

My culture is being stolen.

My languages are quickly being replaced.

History and civilizations are being forgotten and debased,

Replaced with memories of savages and primitives, disgraced.

But I do not need saving.

While my smartest people are lured to other lands

the people at home starve and dream of better days,

their lips cracked and parched as the land

waiting on dusty promises of help at hand.

But I do not need saving.

How can you save me when you put

my lost children on Christmas cards

as luxury limos race through blood

and into large driveways with big flower-filled yards?

But I do not need saving.

You offer aid and donation

while your peacekeepers rape my children

in exchange for a handful of rice and devastation.

Thank you for ignoring my genocides and eradications.

But I do not need saving.

I need you to open your eyes and pray

return my brain-drained children so that

I may live to see another day.

Let my minerals, forests, and animals be.

Do not fuel my wars with greed.

Look around you.

It is you, my Africans

that I need.

-Melia Haile


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