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Farm Burger – Cassandra Gonzalez

Just a few blocks away from the heart of Decatur on Ponce de Leon is a small, unassuming restaurant called Farm Burger. From the outside, you might expect to be served the usual greasy faire offered at your local burger joint. Instead of the standard lettuce, tomatoes and processed cheese you’re used to, you’ll find unique burger toppings and sides that can be combined any way you like. From peppery arugula to Gruyere cheese, and even roasted bone marrow, they’ve got it all.
Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be swept away by the warm, inviting mom-and-pop atmosphere lost in the big chains that dominate our burger consumption today. Picnic tables, chairs and bar stools invite groups, couples or individuals to sit back and enjoy some fresh, local food.
Better yet, the restaurant features grass-feed beef, which is better for you, and better for the planet. It has a lower amount of saturated fat than grain-feed and contains more healthy omega-3s. Through partnerships with Moonshine Meats, Full Moon Farms, and other smaller farms, restaurant owner George Frangos strives to serve up local, sustainable burgers unlike any other. Where else can you get braised pork belly, smothered in BBQ sauce, with beer-battered onion rings and pickled jalapeños, all made with ecologically conscious ingredients?
Since their opening, press reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Food and Wine magazine even named them to their list of the “Best Burgers in the U.S.” this year. Not bad for a restaurant that’s barely a year old.
Being a veggie burger fan myself, I sampled their Blackboard Burger No. 2, which featured a quinoa burger topped with arugula, feta, pickled onions and Dijon mayo. Farm Burger’s cooks had it made for me in minutes, but it definitely didn’t taste like fast food. Protein-rich quinoa is an unusual veggie burger ingredient, but it was perfectly served on its warm, seeded bun. No more Mickey D’s for me!


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